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Award Winning Black Box Sketch

The ‘Black Box Sketch’ video was made by program participants! Take a look!

The 2017 Media award was won for the black box sketch, which some of the young people of Crinan with the help of students and staff made as a tribute piece for our 20 year anniversary in December 2016.  The aim of the sketch was to highlight the difficulties young people had experienced in accessing services for mental health and addiction.

The video was submitted into the 2017 Media awards which are held annually by Drugs.ie and Ana Liffey drug service.  The 2017 awards were held in the Department of Education on the 26th April  2017.

The sketch won runner-up spot out of seven hundred other contestants in the audio category in the 18-25 group.  This was a great event for us to be involved in and a wonderful achievement for the young people, particularly as it was the first time Crinan had entered this competition.

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